South Melbourne Business Hub

CommercialInterior Refurbishment

South Melbourne

Project Description

The proposed interior refurbishment works to the shared spaces of the 4 level South Melbourne Business Hub were intended to enhance the unique industrial feel of the building whilst creating a distinctive, modern and professional impression that better aligned with the 50+ businesses based in the building today.

The internal works aimed to better utilize existing underutilised common spaces, corridors and foyer spaces to provide additional designated areas for small informal meetings, better facilitate sensitive phone calls and conversations made outside of the open plan office space and provide spaces to encourage networking and collaboration between the businesses in the building. The proposed works also include quality new acoustic wall and ceiling linings, custom built in seating, architectural lighting, living vertical gardens, new building way finding and tenancy signage.


As an Owners Corporation Manager of the South Melbourne Business Hub, it is often difficult to find consultants and trades people whom understand or are willing to understand the requirements of an Owners Corporation. De.arch were able to provide a tailored service to the Owners Corporation for this Business Hub, assisting all Owners, particularly the Committee to achieve the outcome of a high level refurbishment. De.arch assisted with the delivery of information to all Owners, their tenants and agents and were able to work closely with the Committee to facilitate the works. They were understanding of the timeframes that had to be met by the Owners Corporation and conveyed this to all the trades they engaged. Working with so many stakeholders is not often easy, Jess handled all feedback with grace and a collaborative approach to achieve a result favoured by all.

Project details

Architecture & Interiors: de.arch
Builder: Kontract Interiors
Landscaping: Fytogreen
Photography: Tatjana Plitt


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Suite 307, 87 Gladstone Street
South Melbourne 3205